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I have seen 'roundups', 'lists' & 'compilations' like this for some time (or better, years) now & since I wanted to post more often on LJ, I thought I would try this for every Months from now on.
So, here's my meagre start with September... the list is not complete because I forgot to write down a few movies.
I'll try to do better in October... :D

+ Septembr 2016

-Moving Pictures of any kind-
REC (rewatch)
Dolan's Cadillac
Volver (rewatch) *
Die Frau von früher **
Medium - Season 1 (rewatch)
Bob's Burgers - Season 1 (rewatch)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (rewatch)
The Craft (rewatch) ***

Duma Key -by- Stephen King (reread) ****
Ein Garten am Meer -by- Bertina Henrichs

* = I love this movie so much! I recommend it
** = I had seen it partially for a bit over 2 years ago, but won't count it as a rewatch because I only watched it a bit before falling asleep
*** = Always a good thing to watch this one, ach 1996 was a good year in many ways... <3
**** = This Book is the Best! Very recommendable
I love Bob's Burgers :DDD
It's an awesome show.... Louise is my fave. :)
it's been a while since is saw rec, but it caught me, probably like most people, off guard. i really, really like it. have you seen the sequel?

i am also a member of team Louise.

happy birthday!
i don't understand why that posted under my name and not in_frequency, but well there it is.

and I forgot to mention that i'm currently reading the comic version of the stand.
(Deleted comment)