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Ruhe in Frieden, Prince...
Very sad to see someone leave this world so young... (thanks to him I never regreted my weird sense of fashion & style)
3'rd time, that I am participating in a 20in20-Challenge. 20muses
I hope everyone had lots of fun...
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Yesterday I watched Rear Window on tv (not once but twice with the rerun at night)!
The few bits of interior we get to see of (Jeff) the protagonist's apartment, the view we get of the apartment buildings AND the small amount of what we can see of the neighbour's apartments around him is something that has alwas fascinated me about this movie.
Before I found out it was all fake, as a child I wished I could live in "Jeff's" tiny apartment. I adored that panorama front.

Just a few days ago I mentioned to someone on my f-list, that I enjoy people-watching (in retro-spect it sounds a bit creepy even to myself whenever I mention that) and I believe this is what essentially makes me like this movie.

But I guess, that's what makes most people enjoy this movie, too. The idea, that someone watches in on people's most intimate moments of daily life without their knowledge nor their consent (And then seeing something that wasn't meant for a stranger to observe, too).

And the actors/actresses were all so awesome, you don't have Stars like that anymore.

I wonder, what do you think of this Hitchcock classic?
Do yu prefer the b&w or the coloured version.

P.S.: Last time I watched 'Rear Window' I watched it with my father, it's been almost 2 years ago on the day. I wish he was here, we could have made fun of the last scene together.
My brother did show me this one from The Simpsons years ago... today I found it again.
Maggie is my favourite...
Enjoy this short film, if you haven't already!

THE SIMPSONS | Maggie Simpson in "The Longest Daycare"
Hmhmm... magnificient...
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I hope you like this one! :) Please, feel free to share it...

P.S.: Constructive criticism is always welcome!
Letter Meme from wildrose
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Snagged from sandy79, when I went through a few lj's from an icon-challenge a few days ago... and since I am bored & have some free time alone...Cick for rest & imageCollapse )

So, yeah this was nice.
Consider yourselves tagged, that is IF you have the time... :D
This is the first time I am doing this here on lj & I share this link in the hopes, that you might find some new people, too.
If this is not your thing, just skip this post, all you Lovelies... ;)

spring fling friending frenzy!

we're roughly one sixth into the year already! *wiggles eyebrows*
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Have a lovely start into March...
Makes me wonder what it must sound like if you stand underneath this, while it rains... :3

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For the past 2 weeks I was without a Computer and only went online by smartphone because my hard drive had died. :( -Which means everything's gone for now... everything I work with every bookmark, every photo of my late dad... stuff from my freelance job... I hate it! *argh*
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Well, what a start into the new year, that was a real Tabula Rasa... nothing to work with! I hope we can recover the Data in some way from te hard drive so wish me Luck. -I really need it.

How was your first Month of the Year? -Sorry I wasn't around much, my health is still not as I would wish for it... :(
Let's hope February will be better...

P.S.: I hope you like it... feel free to share it & of course, constructive criticism is always welcome... ;)
Only the second time, that I am participating in a 20in20-Challenge.
I hope everyone had lots of fun...
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I hope you all had a lovely start to the New Year...
We had a silent, serene evening & ate a nice, late Midnight Dinner. :)

I wanted to share a new 'Project', which I started get into some texture and layering work again.
It's a free Wallpaper 1600x1200, Desktop Calendar for 2016.
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I love the possibility of changing things in your life.
Today marks the first of 366 days, in which I can just do that, change... myself, my life! (I need to be positive, right!?)

I hope you all had a great first Day!
...reading despite Work & Hip Pain.
All in all a shitty Year. Let's hope 2016 will be better...... click for moreCollapse )

If we don't read fom each other until 2016...
I wish you a Happy New Year!