December 30th, 2020


L. 2.0 ┋ Days IX, X, XI, XII, XIII & XIV

No real TIL's...

Two quick 20/10's and one 45/15... seems like I am already all set for Yılbaşı Gecesi and the next morning... Yılbaşı! So no more cleaning for now!

Hmm... the past few days were kind of meh. I start feeling down again. Just reading, lying in bed/on the couch and wallowing in my own misery. *bleh* I am disgusted of myself for that.

On the upside I watched the Star Trek movies 1 to 6 with gusto... the 'Real Crew', Lieutenant Ilia, Montalban's Khan, George and Gracie.. etc. etc.
BTW... are you Team 'Classic TOS' or Team 'Alternate Reboot'? :)

I found my Tarot Deck again.

Oh, and I had a discussion online with a Macho about FLR, but more on that next time as I need to send 2 more applications tonight for this month.

Wish me Luck

14/26 Done...