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I guess it is time to make this lj-account of mine semi-private.
If you are new here & want to read more, make a commment here & add me.
I am always open for new people & will follow back.

But if you only come here for the graphic stuff, those Entries are still set to 'Everyone (Public)', so no worries. :)
P.S.: Just in case you need any of the Resources I am offering for Free on the Net... My Tags here on LJ
Yeah, I did the same some time ago. I'm not even sure why, after 5+ years...
Well, for some entries it is better not to be seen by everyone. :9
I added you, if you don't mind. (: I (sort of?) found your journal via Nicolettenexxt.
Yeah sure, thank you. :) Sorry I am so late in replying, the weather totally got me in a bad way again.
Would it be okay if I added you as an LJ friend? We have some friends in common and you sound like a very interesting and very nice person.
Yes, it would be totally okay! :) Thank you.
I was so bold and now it's your turn... can't wait to read your journal, too.
You're added too. Thank you.
This is Tina (wildrose), I made a new account cause I needed a change...add me again? :)