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I didn't have the nerves to really finish a book in October & having been sick half of the month, so I just watched a lot of TV.

+ Oktober 2016

-Moving Pictures of any kind-
Pratical Magic [(rewatch) twice] *
Finding Dory (Cinema/Theatre)
Containment – Eine Stadt hofft auf Rettung
Secrets & Lies - Season 2
The Baker
Watchmen (rewatch) **
The Big Wedding
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (rewatch) ***
The Enfield Haunting (TV Mini-Series 2015)
Precious - das Leben ist kostbar ****
Terror - Ihr Urteil
Bob's Burgers - Season 2 (rewatch)
The Walking Dead - Season 1-5 Marathon (rewatch)
Grosse Pointe Blank *****
Dead Rising
Murder She Solved – Frauen auf Täterjagd - Season 1
The Day of the Triffids - BBC 2009

Just some political Magazines & E-Zines

* = Love this movie, I recommend it
** = Still awesome
*** = We all had a teacher, we diliked/hated
**** = Alway crying, when I watch this
***** = Ahhh! Childhood & yummy young, hot John Cusack
*squeee* I am happy we agree on this.
The movie was so funny... & I might have had a tiny bit of a crush back then because of this man in black... *yum*
YES! It definitely was part of my John Cusack binge back in the day. I remember getting all of the movies he had from the video store.