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L. 2.0 ┋ Days III, IV & V

TIL that in 1915, a pilot planned a stunt to drop a baseball into an MLB coach’s glove...

I did only one quick unf*ck of 45/15 20/10 each on the 3'rd day and today.

Yesterday I couldn't. My right femoral head hurt so much, that I felt like dying and just couldn't get myself to do anything at all. (At one point it hurt so badly, I even thought something was wrong with my appendix or my right ovary) Well, I know that the pain does not really come from the bone itself, but the whole area hurt, it's what I was trying to explain. :D

I started reading 'French for Dummies' & 'The 2 Hour Tarot Tutor' to get myself reacquainted with both's matter.
As of yet, the first book is kind of disappointing. *shrugs*
The seond is not just to get back into material, but also for absolute begginers.

Hmm... and now that I think of it, on wednesday the inspectors will arrive to check on the smoke detectors in our flat. I almost forgot that.
Will have to 'throw' my Dyson all over the place for a cleaner floor... kill all the dirt like Catwoman... :D

Will watch some good, old Jack in Witches of Eastwick now, and hope you all have a great start into the week before xmas. ;)

5/26 Done...
Tags: !til, !ufyh, current:covid-19, rl-books, rl-health, rl-thoughts

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