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Merda taurorum

Nokta's Musings

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6 October
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☉♎ ☽♉ 水狗
I am a freelance translator by Day & a artist by Night!

I enjoy 2D & 3D art, photography, books, esoterics and many other things. When it comes to music I am very eclectic and like almost everything.
I also absolutely love Movies. I could watch them all day, though I do not do that! :) My fave Genres are Sci-fi, Horror, Gore, and everything where there's lots of Blood, spilled-out Intestines and other disgusting Bits.
I adore Books, unfortunately I have a hard time reading as much as I used to, since my father passed away.
I am a big Fan of different Fandoms, but am not watching much these Days due to a hectic life!

Books.: Stephen King, J.K.R., Joanne Harris, H. P. Lovecraft, M. R. James, Agatha Christie, George Orwell, Arthur C. Clarke, John Steinbeck
Music.: Queen, Enya, Keane, Tarkan, Björk, Sting, George Michael, Muse, Django Rheinhardt, Frédéric Chopin
Art.: Artemisia, Dali, Monet!

There is only one rule. If you friend me, I will friend you back!
But please no friending, if you are going to defriend me as soon as I friend you back!

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