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L. 2.0 ┋ Days IX, X, XI, XII, XIII & XIV

No real TIL's...

Two quick 20/10's and one 45/15... seems like I am already all set for Yılbaşı Gecesi and the next morning... Yılbaşı! So no more cleaning for now!

Hmm... the past few days were kind of meh. I start feeling down again. Just reading, lying in bed/on the couch and wallowing in my own misery. *bleh* I am disgusted of myself for that.

On the upside I watched the Star Trek movies 1 to 6 with gusto... the 'Real Crew', Lieutenant Ilia, Montalban's Khan, George and Gracie.. etc. etc.
BTW... are you Team 'Classic TOS' or Team 'Alternate Reboot'? :)

I found my Tarot Deck again.

Oh, and I had a discussion online with a Macho about FLR, but more on that next time as I need to send 2 more applications tonight for this month.

Wish me Luck

14/26 Done...
tired / müde

L. 2.0 ┋ Days VI, VII & VIII

TIL How you find out if someone touched your cell phone without your knowledge?

TIL Curry was introduced to Japan by the British. The British brought curry from India back to Britain and introduced it to Japan after it ended its policy of self-isolation. Curry in Japan is categorized as a Western dish

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On a more somber note, I am still in shock about the deaths in the shooting of Saint-Just, France. By a frenchman no less (no, he was not muslim and/or a POC... he was a divorced, hardcore catholic, lawyer with 'military weapons' at home).
To know that the youngest of the 3 dead Gendarmes was barely 21. So young!
I just hope, that they had no young children and that these 3 are now in a better place than this crazy world. 😢


8/26 Done...

L. 2.0 ┋ Days III, IV & V

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Hmm... and now that I think of it, on wednesday the inspectors will arrive to check on the smoke detectors in our flat. I almost forgot that.
Will have to 'throw' my Dyson all over the place for a cleaner floor... kill all the dirt like Catwoman... :D

Will watch some good, old Jack in Witches of Eastwick now, and hope you all have a great start into the week before xmas. ;)

5/26 Done...