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tired / müde

Flu, losers and some prettiness!

So I have been feeling ill for about 2 weeks, I guess I caught the flu from someone while I was at the obligatory First-Aid Workshop. *blargh*
The problem is, the full thing won't come out... I feel weird and sleepy all the time, sneeze and cough every now and then, even got a bit feverish last Saturday but nothing else. o_O;

On another note, I feel fucking down. I feel like stuck.. somehow. There's no real perspective, no real future.
Is you had asked me 10 years ago about how my life would be today, I wouldn't have thought of this possibility. Of how I live right now!
I feel like a fucking loser and the real problem is, that I not only feel like one, I am one, I can see it clearly!
I am and always have been a Realist, sugar-coating oneself is for pussies!

Well, whatever... smell you later!

And like always, a few new freebies. You can download them under their links, they're free, really! XD

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