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Roundup 10/2016

I didn't have the nerves to really finish a book in October & having been sick half of the month, so I just watched a lot of TV.

+ Oktober 2016

-Moving Pictures of any kind-
Pratical Magic [(rewatch) twice] *
Finding Dory (Cinema/Theatre)
Secrets & Lies - Season 2
Watchmen (rewatch) **
The Big Wedding
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (rewatch) ***
The Enfield Haunting (TV Mini-Series 2015)
Bob's Burgers - Season 2 (rewatch)
The Walking Dead - Season 1-5 Marathon (rewatch)
Grosse Pointe Blank *****
Dead Rising

Just some political Magazines & E-Zines

* = Love this movie, I recommend it
** = Still awesome
*** = We all had a teacher, we diliked/hated
**** = Alway crying, when I watch this
***** = Ahhh! Childhood & yummy young, hot John Cusack
tired / müde

Roundup 09/2016

I have seen 'roundups', 'lists' & 'compilations' like this for some time (or better, years) now & since I wanted to post more often on LJ, I thought I would try this for every Months from now on.
So, here's my meagre start with September... the list is not complete because I forgot to write down a few movies.
I'll try to do better in October... :D

+ Septembr 2016

-Moving Pictures of any kind-
REC (rewatch)
Dolan's Cadillac
Volver (rewatch) *
Die Frau von früher **
Medium - Season 1 (rewatch)
Bob's Burgers - Season 1 (rewatch)
The Grand Budapest Hotel (rewatch)
The Craft (rewatch) ***

Duma Key -by- Stephen King (reread) ****
Ein Garten am Meer -by- Bertina Henrichs

* = I love this movie so much! I recommend it
** = I had seen it partially for a bit over 2 years ago, but won't count it as a rewatch because I only watched it a bit before falling asleep
*** = Always a good thing to watch this one, ach 1996 was a good year in many ways... <3
**** = This Book is the Best! Very recommendable

Thoughts after watching Rear Window

Yesterday I watched Rear Window on tv (not once but twice with the rerun at night)!
The few bits of interior we get to see of (Jeff) the protagonist's apartment, the view we get of the apartment buildings AND the small amount of what we can see of the neighbour's apartments around him is something that has alwas fascinated me about this movie.
Before I found out it was all fake, as a child I wished I could live in "Jeff's" tiny apartment. I adored that panorama front.

Just a few days ago I mentioned to someone on my f-list, that I enjoy people-watching (in retro-spect it sounds a bit creepy even to myself whenever I mention that) and I believe this is what essentially makes me like this movie.

But I guess, that's what makes most people enjoy this movie, too. The idea, that someone watches in on people's most intimate moments of daily life without their knowledge nor their consent (And then seeing something that wasn't meant for a stranger to observe, too).

And the actors/actresses were all so awesome, you don't have Stars like that anymore.

I wonder, what do you think of this Hitchcock classic?
Do yu prefer the b&w or the coloured version.

P.S.: Last time I watched 'Rear Window' I watched it with my father, it's been almost 2 years ago on the day. I wish he was here, we could have made fun of the last scene together.