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Writer's Block: Party Time

What was the last great party you attended?
The last great Party? -I guess it was the last Party I went to... in June 2000, at a Schoolmates home.
It was awesome, since it would be the last I would spent time with Friends from my City of Birth/Origin. :(
I had sooo much fun!

tired / müde


Went to the evening school tonight, to apply again, because I had to pause two years before, because of my Health-Problems back then. They told me, they would take me back, if I am fine again.

But today they told me that the criterias for being accepted have changed a bit and I need some more references and such things. I AM SO DOWN!!!

I hate this World! You wouldn't believe it but this Country helps it's assholes, junkies and People who don't belong here. Children of rich Peoples, get more help than a f**king beggar...

When I moved to this Part of Germany 5 1/2 Years before, I tried to apply for Evening-School in a Village 30 car minutes away from us, YOU KNOW WHAT THEY ASKED ME????

Are you under 18 and have a child? I said no and they told me to sod off.
So you have to be a Slut to become help here?
Show me another country where the government SUPPORTS sluts and junkies!!!

I am so done with this bloody World!
I oughta shoot every slut walking out there with kids, no husband and a school-leaving certificate = diploma in her pocket.

Maybe I should get pregnant too and than waddle to that school again with my bloody, big baby belly to show it to them, so they might take me now!
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tired / müde


I will maybe go back to evening School in August this Year.
It is all up to the Main-Teacher and my application on 21'th March, I phoned the School today and she gave me the appointment.
I hope everything will be fine and they will actually take me in, because I am really done with this whole thing and want to give some shape into my Life. ;)

What Your Face Says

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Overall, your true self is passionate and physical.

With friends, you seem thoughtful and interested in ideas.

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In stressful situation, you seem like you're oblivious to the stress.
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