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A meme.

1. Comment on this post with I VOLUNTEER!
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Think of 5 fictional characters and post their names and your comments on these characters in your journal.
(optional 4.) Post a link here to your entry? or comment here if you want, or whatever makes you happy :)

I was given the letter "N" by calcitrix

1. Nick Stokes [CSI: Crime Scene Investigation]. He's my second fave Character in CSI after Gil. And he's handsome, need I say more!? ;)

2. (Nyota) Uhura [Star Trek]. Oh, how I adore ya! She was the first black, female Character in space AND of importance... even once kissing her white Captain. And that in the 60'ties. *sighs* Though I have to say, that the first Actress is my fave. The new one is too light skinned to my liking.

3. Dr. Nathan Stark [EUReKA]. The moment I saw him, I was incoherent. While Carter, being Main Character #1, never was my type, Stark totally made me squee in happiness. Sexy & Brains!

4. Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon [The Simpsons]. Just 2 things why I did include her. Because she is sneaky(yes she is) & the only gorgeous looking person drawn Simpson-style.

5. Neville Longbottom [Harry Potter]. I always had a soft spot for this boy. He is in my humble opinion the only character that really changed, if 180°, in the course of those 7 Books.

So, that was it.
I was never good at this meme, but I love it none the less. :D
tired / müde

Hey there, look what I have got here.

Hello guys & gals, I wanted to pimp this community, since I am one of the moderators & the number of participiants could be better imho.

So, if you are a SGA, Kavan Smith or Major Lorne fan & know how to create Icons, and read this by chance... hop over, become a member & have fun there.

Or maybe you read this & know someone on LJ who likes any of the mentioned & might like to join. Tell them, the more the merrier.

Right now we have a new Challenge running, that started only a few hours ago. So you will have plenty of time to enter it.

Thank you for reading this & maybe we will see your pieces next time at the community!